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The Asian American Alliance Story

May is Asian and Pacific Islander Month and Indiana has many reasons to celebrate it. The president of the Asian American Alliance, Rupal Thanawala, explains how the success of a vibrant Asian American community is connected to Indiana’s growing economy.

The Asian American Alliance’s mission is to empower and encourage Asian Americans to lead and serve in business and community.

They are an umbrella organization of over 150 other organizations and 300 plus ethnic restaurants.

The Alliance is made up of students, community leaders, and business leaders who come together to build a future for Asian Americans who call Indiana their home. They’re intentional about welcoming new Asian Americans to the state and have contributed tremendously to the community.

The diverse talents, cultures, arts, and musical skills that Asian Americans have brought with them have made them an important part of the fabric of Indiana. They are Americans who are proud of their culture, and they have been living in and contributing to the community. It’s important for everyone to recognize that this country is made up of immigrants.