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This Week in Business: Going B-Nutty

This Week in Business we talk about the booming businesses of peanut butter. It is booming in Portage, Indiana of all places!

The two people who know about it better than anyone are the creators of B-Nutty, Carol Pola and Joy Tompkins.

They came up with the idea after looking for a way to fundraise and teach kids not only about nutrition and fundraising but also to give them something good to eat on the field.

One thing they are doing now is expanding from once-a-year fundraisers to local farmers’ markets and grocery stores after many people fell in love with their fun flavors.

At the time, the goal was to just give their team something to snack on when traveling and to franchise with it. This ran once a year but has now increased to multiple times throughout the year. Take a look at the full interview above to learn more information about this company. It’ll sure drive you nuts, making you want another jar of B-Nutty peanut butter!