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Watchman Security Has a Mission to Keep Indianapolis Safe 

2023-11-26 – BE&O IF

For Austin Smith, CEO of Watchman Security, creating a security and safety company was about pursuing his dreams of building a safer, more connected community in Indianapolis. When he started the business in 2012, Smith saw a need to deliver security solutions for local businesses.  

With a passion for public safety, Smith created a security firm focusing on keeping businesses secure and safe using advanced technology. In addition to providing in-person security services, Watchman Security offers a live monitoring video service that keeps watch over buildings and people inside and immediately outside a business. 

Smith touts his service as more than just an in-the-moment security service, but much more as a preventative measure that acts as a firm of insurance for companies. He says it is important to ensure you have the right security measures in place to protect your dream and the people carrying it.  

With its 24/7 command center, Watchman Security keeps an ever-vigilant eye on many buildings throughout Central Indiana. This includes a new gun detection software that alerts Watchman Security staff when the advanced security system detects a firearm. Smith says the technology was recently put into action when a man fired a rifle at a local business at 2 am. Watchman staff called IMPD, who responded to the incident and prevented any further damage to the building.  

Through their live voice interaction technology, Watchman Security staff can monitor a business and use live audio to speak with unauthorized people on a property after hours, many of whom are illegally using dumpsters to dump trash in the middle of the night.

Smith says his organization’s mission is “safety should not be a luxury.” He says his business will stay committed to “saving lives, connecting people, and making a difference.” 

Watchman Security is the sponsor for Crime Watch 8.

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