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Brighten Up Holiday Recipes for Glazed Ham, Gingerbread Cake, and Yams

You’ve probably already decked the halls, but have you planned an epic holiday menu? Michelle DuDash, Chef, Registered Dietitian, and Author of “Clean Eating for Busy Families,” joins us with delicious ways to bring color and flavor to the menu this holiday!

Brighten up your holiday spread with mangos:
Who doesn’t love fresh, sweet flavors to brighten up a traditional holiday spread? This holiday season think of mangos as a way to complement a variety of flavor profiles from savory to sweet and incorporate into any dish. Even putting a new, tropical twist on traditional holiday favorites!
Michelle works with Mangos, and as a registered dietitian, mangos are a must-have on her shopping list because they are a satisfying superfruit packed with nutrients, especially vitamin C – which is especially important this time of year. Mangos are also a good source of folate and copper, and are classified as a low glycemic food.
This versatile fruit is always in-season and available fresh year-round, thanks to the six varieties that have staggered growing seasons – so is a nice way to add some color and sunshine to any meal, even after the holidays.
As the centerpiece for your holiday feast, you can serve this Mango Mustard Glaze Ham, which is baked with a fresh mango purée, honey and mustard combination that gives it a sweet and flavorful glaze.

Liven up your side dishes:
Brighten up your sides with this Mango and Almond Yams dish, which has a wonderful fresh, sweet flavor thanks to the fresh mangos and a satisfying crunch.

Balance your desserts with spicy ginger and fresh fruit:
This Mango Gingerbread Cake is gluten-free and packed with vibrant flavors like spicy ginger and sweet mango.

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