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Children’s book teaches the A-B-Cs of Indiana

Children’s book teaches the A-B-Cs of Indiana

Get your kids learning and enjoying to read at an early age with regional interest children’s books! 

Adriane Doherty, owner/publisher for Rubber Ducky Press & author of ABC INDIANA, ABC Ohio, ABC Yellowstone, highlights several features of the ABC book series that stand out: 
• A search-inside feature. There is a hidden rubber ducky is on every page. This is fun for kids and parents, but also serves a purpose of keeping kids engaged with the page. Great for all kids, but particularly important for kids who have attention challenges.
• The sans serif font used is easier for children to read, especially while they’re learning the alphabet. The last page shows all the letters together in both upper and lower case.
• Simple illustrations with bright colors help draw in even the earliest readers to the page.
• Every letter (even Q, J, and X) have its own page 

Children’s book teaches the A-B-Cs of Indiana
Children’s book teaches the A-B-Cs of Indiana

Adriane has scheduled story time readings and author signings: 
•    Wednesday, August 22 at Barnes & Noble in Noblesville at 11:00 a.m.
•    Saturday, September 1 at Barnes & Noble in Greenwood at 11:00 a.m.
•    Saturday, September 22 at the Conner Prairie Bookstore in Fishers from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.  
•    Friday, November 9 at The Village Lights Bookstore in Madison, IN at 6 p.m. Adriane and Tom Doherty, President of Cardinal Publishers Group, share tips for getting your kids to read:
•    Read to them nightly, or schedule nights for reading
•    Read fun stuff at night before bed
•    Pay attention to what sort of books your child responds to
•    Use a trip to the bookstore or library as a reward instead of something else fun, but lest enriching
•    Visit your local library, they have programs and there’s lots more to read than just books
•    Let them see you reading
•    Encourage your kids read to you, and/or keep a journal to practice writing
•    Don’t push too hard​​​​​​​Look for Adriane’s next children’s book, Sweet Dreams Indiana, this fall. 

Tom Doherty has worked in book publishing for more than 25 years. Seventeen of those years involved in distribution including time at Time-Warner and The Hearst Corporation and since 2000 as president of Cardinal Publishers Group. Cardinal Publishers Group is a full service national book distributor serving independent publishers of adult non-fiction books. Tom is also the publisher of Blue River Press, which publishes New York Times bestselling authors James Alexander Thom and Jack D. Hunter as well as category non-fiction and regional series books.

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