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Firefighter Tim’s Office Space Work Out

Firefighter Tim’s Office Space Work Out

I know it’s tough – kids are back to school, so mornings are taken up with getting them up and ready for the day. Then, it’s time for work and after school, activities are crazy.  With all this on our plate, things can get stressful. Carmel Fire Department’s Tim Griffin shares workouts you can do from the comfort of you own office, no matter the size. Squeezing in a workout in your office is a great way to still get in some exercise without losing out on the time it takes to get to the gym, not to mention getting healthier, and lowering stress.

A clinical trial run by the Body-Brain Performance Institute, in association with Swinburne’s University and Brain Sciences Institute, found there was a clear link between physical fitness, brain function and reduced stress levels at work.  

Firefighter Tim’s Office Space Work Out

Some of the fun can be looking at your work place and being creative by using the resources you have available. Workout 1:  
– Holding chair squats x20
– Inverted row from desk x15
– Desk push x15
– Office chair roll outs x 10 

Workout 2:  
– Inverted desk row with March x10 
– Holding chair lunge x10 
– Feet on desk push x 10 
– Office chair pike x10 

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