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FIVE Ways to Welcome Spring at Home!

It’s Spring! Time to check of that list of easy maintenance projects at home. Here to show us FIVE easy ways to get home clean and refreshed is 20-year Home Improvement & Lifestyle Expert (or Our Handy Home Gal…) Kathryn Emery. Welcome, Kathryn!

  1. Let Your Light Bulb Clean: the latest in germicidal light bulbs, how they work, and how they can benefit your home health
  2. How to Clean Cordless: why everyone should own a wet dry vac, how it works, including the latest technology in lithium ion
  3. How to Clean Everything Else: utilize microfiber pads and other easy attachments, like dusting pads, grout brushes – all on one unit that will clean everything from the floors to the shower walls Kathryn will demo how
  4. Consider Going Touchless: there are so many places to go touchless, one of the simplest ways is your trash can 
  5. Let There Be Light: simple update for bathroom night light, light up toilet paper holder, how to simply update bathroom hardware with just a screwdriver