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How to discipline your children without “harming” them

There are many ways to discipline your kids, but Michelle Gambs, MA, LMHC, parenting coach & health counselor says there is just one you should always stay away from to be what she considers a “perfect” parent. That is Option D.

What does this mean?

Option A:  This is the textbook, best case scenario that you would use should you have the time, resources and knowledge.

Option B:  This is the good enough option. This is when you can give the 6/10 effort given everything else you have going on at the moment.

Option C:  Don’t harm or hurt your child, by yelling or hitting. Walk away, breathe and/or count to 10.

Option D: Harm.

Michelle says existing among A to C is a great parent. We do not need to be perfect. We are humans, and when we get to D, repair it, apologize, fix it.

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