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Jack’s Donuts: Fan pics & 3 ways to get more as a customer

Donut fans unite! Take a look at these pics sent in from Jack’s Donuts fans everywhere! Plus, Jack’s Donuts CEO Lee Marcum shares the three steps consumers can take to manage expectations and get the most out of the business/customer experience!Allison

Allison is getting everyone happy and hungry on her Instagram feed at Jack’s Carmel location!Jack

Monica from Boston, Massachusetts sent Jack’s Donuts this pic of her son, Jack. She found and had to purchase this shirt for Jack. In the Jack’s Donuts family, they now refer to him as “Boston Jack,” even though Monica is probably raising him to be a Patriots fan 😉Lovely ladies

Chris Dehart sent this pic of these lovely young ladies enjoying a beautiful Friday night at Jack’s Donuts Greenfield location outside. The Greenfield location is the only Jack’s Donuts that has an outdoor dining area!

Jack’s Donuts CEO Lee Marcum also stopped by this morning to help make a customer’s experience with businesses even better! He says as a customer, YOU deserve the best! Here are his three tips to make sure you get it!Managing your Expectations as a Consumer-

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#1 Know What You’re Getting Yourself Into– This is something I’ve seen time and time again. Whether it’s the person who goes to a burger joint expecting a Caesar salad to blow them away, or someone who is getting their gutters cleaned out and assumes that this person knows all there is to know about roofing. I personally refer to this as the Wal-Mart effect. Let’s throw everything together for convenience.

It is important to remember that if you have high expectations for a certain project, go to a specialist! While your lawn guy might say that he could cut down trees in your back yard, I would get a quote from an actual arborist before you do anything. Specialists know exactly what they are doing, are able to give better estimates, and can give you a better guarantee that your job/project will get done on time and more importantly up to your expectations. You might even be able to save a few bucks in the long run, which brings me to my next point……

#2 You Get What You Pay For– While this isn’t true all the time, it’s very true most of the time. We all want to save money when we can, but a lot of times it’s not worth the headaches. If something seems too good to be true, it probably is. I’ve learned that if someone REALLY low balls your competition on a quote, no matter what you’re getting, you need to be skeptical.

Someone who has been in business a long time may charge more than someone who hasn’t. The downside to having someone newer at their job is lack of experience, which in the long run can actually end up costing you more. It’s important to get references on anything you’re trying to accomplish. Go online or ask for personal references. If someone is good at their job/work they won’t mind helping you out with this at all. This brings me to my next point……

#3- Social Media– As a business owner, when I receive a negative review or hear about someone not having a good experience at one of our stores and talking about it online, the first thing I do is look at their history in reviewing other establishments. It’s important to understand that if you take it upon yourself to put your opinion on the Internet, it’s going to be reviewed thoroughly by someone.

If you’ve reviewed 50 establishments and 47 of your reviews are negative, you will not be taken seriously. When I’m looking at the majority of your reviews and they are all negative, as a manufacturer, I’m saying to myself, “No one can please this person. It’s them, not us.” Derogatory remarks about someone’s race, sexuality, or general appearance is a huge red flag as well. However, if you have a history of being fair, understanding, and honest, your chances of having your issue resolved and being taken seriously will go up significantly. If you show manufacturers respect, you will get it back. Long story short, be balanced. If you have a good experience somewhere, share it. If you have a bad experience and choose to share it be honest, but fair.

To learn more about Jack’s, visit or to submit YOUR Jack’s Donuts pic, use #jacksdonuts.