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Sweet potato pie, scones, lemon cookies… need we say more?! Valerie and Darnell Perkins of Mama P’s Bakery stopped by the Indy Style kitchen today to bake us up some goodies! Together with Mary Clark, of the International Marketplace Coalition, we learn their story, their history and why they say their treats hold a deeper meaning than most!THE STORY OF MAMA P. (directly from Valerie and Darnell)

Mama P. has been in the dessert business for 30 years. She has worked for some of the best bakeries in Michigan and Indiana. Drawing from this experience, we had a need to raise money to celebrate Michael Perkins Sr.’s 60th birthday party. So Mama P began selling cookies to family and friends. Things went extremely well, so we decided to approach a local restaurant about providing our desserts to them. One store turned into multiple stores around the Indianapolis area. In September of 2018, we proudly opened Mama P’s Bakery and Cafe’ at 3990 Georgetown Rd inside the International Marketplace. We are now serving a food, as well as desserts.

In addition to our store, Indy residents can enjoy our desserts at a number of restaurants around the city: Big City Grill and Lemonade 38th and Meridian, Captain Jay’s 38th St. and Kenwood or 38th and Keystone, Donny’s – 46th and Arlington, Chicago Grill – 20th St. and Arlington, Famous Tomato – 5002 W. 10th St.

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