Pavel Polanco-Safadit releases new album

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Nice, smooth jazz music is the perfect way to conquer this rainy day!

Pavel Polanco-Safadit discusses the upcoming release of Pavel & Direct Contact’s new album, D’la Calle, which translates to “From The Street.”

Pavel & Direct Contact is comprised of some of Indy’s most accomplished jazz musicians:
* Pavel Polanco Safadit (piano) – Director of Jazz at Earlham College
* Steve Dokken (bass) – Indy Jazz Hall of Fame inductee and Henry Mancini’s bass player
* Dave Allee (trumpet) – President Indy Jazz Fest and Owner of The Jazz Kitchen
* Rob Dixon (saxophone) – Indy Jazz Hall of Fame inductee and Director of Education for Indy Jazz Fest
* Raul Padro (percussion) – Clinician 

D’la Calle is available on iTunes, Amazon, Apple Play, Spotify, and Napster. 

Pavel & Direct Contact performed “Sneaky” and “Pa’ Lante,” both of which are featured on the album. 

Stay up-to-date on events with Pavel & Direct Contact on social media: 

Instagram: @pavel_polancosafadit 
Twitter: @pavellatinjazz 

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