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Scientist shows how air pressure works, makes toilet paper fly using the Bernoulli principle

We “cleared the air” with Rick Crosslin, scientist in residence for MSD Wayne Township, when he joined us today with some fun demonstrations on how air pressure works.

You can learn more from Rick live and in-person at Conner Prairie this weekend. He has an exciting and unique hands-on presentation showing that science can be fun.

This is happening on Saturday, August 14, 2021 from 11am, 11:45am & 2pm, 2:45pm.

To learn more and reserve your tickets visit,

Key Points:

  • Air is made of matter – takes up space and has mass. It is a gas.
  • Air can be squeezed – we call this air pressure.
  • The atmosphere has layers with high and lower pressure
  • sea level we have 14.7 lbs./square inch – I will bring a pressure bar made of steel.
  • Indianapolis is 719′ above sea level
  • Daniel Bernoulli – Swiss mathematician and scientist 
  • Bernoulli Principle – increase the speed of a fluid or gas… decrease the pressure

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