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Speak Your Story taking submissions now

Speak your story. Share your story. Be inspired and stay there. The mission of Speak Your Story is to empower women to be their own best advocates in relationships, at home and in the workplace. Creators Teal Cracraft and Katie Morris say they launched in March 2015 and have since published more than 100 stories. Now, they’re wanting to hear from you.

Teal and Katie are currently accepting all forms of creative expression – paintings, photographs, songs – for their first book in an anthology series. They say there are infinite ways to tell a story, and they want to hear them all!

Here’s what they say, in their own words, about the mission of Speak Your Story and what they’re hoping to receive from viewers, like you!

  • Our mission is to empower. The fear of stigma and judgment has long silenced women and made them afraid to be their most authentic self. This fear breeds loneliness and isolation that prevents many women from ever becoming their most powerful advocate. Speak Your Story is changing this paradigm by helping women embrace their whole self and re-imagine their perceived flaws and shameful secrets as powerful tools that actually build community and character.
  • The book is about the strength and power of women and we’re seeking true stories of finding resilience and courage to overcome circumstances that threatened to destroy your will. This book isn’t about what brought you to your knees, but rather about what you called upon to lift you up and carry you through – the part of you that saved you. Most of us have experienced life events that broke us in some way – from tiny fractures to huge cracks we felt sure we’d never recover from. Yet somehow, we did. We survived. We put the pieces back together, or decided those broken pieces didn’t serve us and we rebuilt with new material. The stories we want to tell describe how the corner was turned from devastation to redemption. When did you know you’d be okay and what brought you to that place? How did you TRANSFORM. Our intention is for these stories to provide relief and hope to those who are struggling. We want these stories to inspire our readers, to help them understand that each break actually brings us closer to being whole, and that we all have the power to transform our own lives. 

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