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The Film Yap’s Christopher Lloyd shares “what’s in theaters” this weekend

In the mood to catch a “Friday flick?” The Film Yap’s Christopher Lloyd shares what’s out and ready for YOU!

New in Theaters:
Honest Thief — Liam Neeson plays a legendary bank robber who wants to turn himself in after a life of crime but runs into some dirty cops who want to keep the money for themselves.
The Kid Detective — A man who was famous as a child for solving crimes finds himself faced with investigating a brutal murder and wondes if he’s equal to the task. Starring Adam Brody.

New On Digital/Demand:
The Devil Has a Name — David Straitharn, Kate Bosworth, Edward James Olmos and an eclectic cast star in this dusty soap opera about a fight over an oil company polluting the California farmland. Read more
Love and Monsters — In this horror-comedy, monsters have taken over the world and a boy in love is determined to fight his way through the apocalypse to reach his girlfriend.
S#!%house — Cooper Raiff wrote, directed and stars in this college comedy about a freshman having a tough time and is hoping a party will turn things around for him.

Special event:
Heartland Film Festival winds up — The Last Shift. Live Virtual Q&A Oct. 17 at 2 p.m.

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