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The Film Yap’s movies to watch: ‘Tenet,’ ‘Milan,’ ‘The Owners’

Christopher Lloyd from The Film Yap has his picks for what’s new in theaters and streaming in your living room.

New in theaters

Tenet — Christopher Nolan’s much-anticipated spy thriller turns out to be a confusing, though occasionally entertaining, mess in which a time-slipping enemy wants to end everything. Read more

New on digital on-demand

Mulan — The live-action adaptation of a tepid Disney animated flick is an improvement, with slick action scenes and colorful production values, though hampered by a flat leading performance. Read more

The Owners — Masie Williams stars in this British horror flick about a gang of hoodlums who break into an elderly couple’s mansion and get more than they bargained for. Read more

Cool on streaming

I’m Thinking of Ending Things — Jessie Buckley plays a woman who travels to the countryside to meet her new boyfriend’s parents, and begins to question everything she knew. From Charlie Kaufman, co-starring Toni Collette, Jesse Plemons and David Thewlis. Now on Netflix. 

Trending Headlines

The Boys Season 2. This very dark take on the superhero genre kicks things to another level, as the “normal” insurgents take the fight to the evildoers in capes. Now on Amazon Prime.

You Might Have Missed

Labyrinth — Jim Henson’s puppets-and-live-actors fantasy mashup flopped in 1986 but has since become a beloved classic, and deservedly so. Read more