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‘Children Ruin Everything’ coming to The CW

“Children Ruin Everything” is a delightful and comedic series that captures the essence of parenthood and the sacrifices it entails.

Astrid, portrayed by the talented Meaghan Rath, and James, played by Aaron Abrams, navigate the challenges of raising their three children: nine-year-old Felix, five-year-old Vivian, and a newborn baby.

The show humorously juxtaposes the pre-parenting freedom with the chaotic reality of parenting, highlighting how children have a knack for disrupting and altering every aspect of their parent’s lives.

From finances to personal time, the series explores the unexpected and hilarious ways in which children can wreak havoc.

While longing for the carefree days of the past, Astrid and James ultimately find joy and fulfillment in the beautiful chaos of family life.

Meaghan Rath, an award-nominated actress, and producer, showcases her versatility and talent in her role as Astrid. She has gained recognition for her performances as Tani Rey in “HAWAII FIVE-0” and Sally Malik in the adaptation of the beloved U.K. series “BEING HUMAN.”

Meanwhile, Aaron Abrams brings his acting prowess to the character of James, having appeared in various television shows like “MASTERS OF SEX,” “THE L.A. COMPLEX,” “LONGMIRE,” and “HANNIBAL.”

Abrams is also involved in writing and producing films, including the Netflix hit “THE LOVEBIRDS” starring Kumail Nanjiani and Issa Rae. His contributions to the entertainment industry further solidify his reputation as a talented and multifaceted artist.