Housewares gadgets to be showcased in the 2021 Consumer Electronics Show

The Consumer Electronic Show may be virtual this year, but that doesn’t make the products any less exciting. David Novak, the Gadget Guy, joined us today to share a few of the housewares products you can expect to see at this year’s show.

1. Tricella Smart Pill Box 


Managing medication can be confusing, and sometimes if not done accurately, dangerous. The Ticella Bluetooth Smart Pillbox does the heavy lifting for you. This innovative smart 7-day pillbox can be connected to either your Smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth. After connected, it can automatically detect whether you took your pills or forgot to take them, and the device will also send automatic push-notifications to other family members’ devices to reassure them that those tracked daily pills were taken. Furthermore, the pill drawers in the Tricella Smart Pillbox are perfectly held in place by magnets that make them easy to slide open for people who have arthritis, and whenever closed, are also secure enough to help prevent any accidental openings that would spill their pills.

2. RelaxUltima Neck Massager


Both chronic neck pain and neck strain are very common problems for people that spend a lot time working while sitting at a desk. The RelaxUltima Neck Massager is a lightweight and cordless electronic neck massager that features an ergonomic and flexible U-shaped design that offers users a universal fit, as well as built-in soft silicon pads at the sides that make it super comfortable to wear. It also integrates a built-in rechargeable battery that lasts around 1 month on a single charge. This electronic neck massager combines a Heat functionality with a Gentle Electrostimulation to bring you a restorative neck massage with a maximum of 107°F heat and gentle electric impulses that move through your skin, providing you with muscle pain reduction, a deep relaxation, and stress reduction. Lastly, an included remote control lets you change between 3 Operation Modes (Tapping, Shiatsu, and Acupunture Therapy) and increase or decrease between 15 different Intensity Levels.

3. Loftie Clock 


Nowadays, almost all of us are highly dependable of our Smartphones, but using our Smartphone right before your bedtime can be abjectly bad for your sleep. The Loftie Clock is a simplified alarm clock that allows you to leave your Smartphone outside your bedroom and easily turn your room into a peaceful sanctuary. This minimalist and ultra-modern alarm clock comes equipped with a dimmable display, a warm night light (unlike blue lights that can disrupt sleep), a two-phase alarm, and a built-in speaker. Furthermore, the Loftie also comes with a library of relaxing white noise options, as well as a media center that includes guided meditations, sound baths, breathing exercises, sleep playlists and stories. Additionally, you can also sync your own content to the clock in order to eliminate every excuse in the book to have your Smarphone lying with you under the sheets.

4. MEATER Wireless Smart Meat Thermometer 


This one is a great kitchen gadget for “at-home chefs”. The MEATER is an awesome truly wireless smart meat thermometer that features a wireless range up to 33ft. With it, no wires get in your way while you cook at your kitchen countertop, and its wireless functionalities let you get more freedom away from your grill, smoker, or kitchen. The system is easy to use and consists of one probe and two high-end temperature sensors that accurately monitor your food’s internal temperature and the ambient temperature. The MEATER also runs an Advanced Estimator Algorithm that calculates how long to cook and rest your food so that you can better manage your meal and time. Lastly, the MEATER App lets you monitor your cook from a phone or tablet over Bluetooth and offers you a Guided Cook System that walks you through every step of the cooking process. The Meater comes in 3 versions: Meater, Meater+ (5x the WiFi range) and Meater Block (Longer range and 4 probes).

5. RotoShovel 


For anyone that loves to spend their free time doing gardening work or for anyone that’s looking to take their gardening business to the next level, the RotoShovel is an amazing piece of equipment. This automatic handheld shovel comes equipped with a built-in auger, working both as a simple handheld shovel and as a powerful electric auger for precision digging. When used as a handheld electric auger, the device is powered by a built-in rechargeable 12V lithium-ion battery that can offer you up to 2 hours of battery life. Its battery-powered automatic auger can dig up to 3 inches in diameter and 7 inches deep. Ultimately, this is an innovative gadget that takes the work out of gardening and landscaping, making it a great tool for both homeowners, DIY gardeners, and professionals.

6. OttLite Purify Sanitizing Desk Lamp 


The OttLite Purify Sanitizing Desk Lamp lets you shine a Clean Light on the Subject – These experts in healthy lighting introduce the first and only line of sanitizing desk lamps that safely breaks down harmful bacteria and mold while working, creating a healthier space. OttLite partnered with Hubbell Lighting, a global leader in lighting, to provide the patented SpectraClean technology in a new line of desk lamps. Four styles, feature Qi wireless charging, touch dimming and more ranging in price from $49-$89.

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