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Importance of home inspections in Indianapolis real estate

Pavel’s World: Save money when buying a home

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — When you’re thinking about buying a house, it might be important to have someone check it out before you finish the deal. That’s what Pavel Polance-Safadit talked about in his show “Pavel’s World” this week. He had some experts on the show to talk about it.

“If you’re gonna buy a house, you’ve got to have an inspection company and come check it out before you finish the transaction,” said Polance-Safadit. .

Jeff Crane from Hometeam Inspection Service said, “You don’t have to buy or sell a house to have an inspection.” That means even if you’re not sure about buying or selling, getting an inspection is still a good idea.

There was also a realtor named Abby Rengal from Domi Exp Reality. She said, “You need to have a great inspector and a great realtor.” So, having a good team is key which is why she collaborates and developed a working relationship Jeff.

Rengal added, “Jeff has definitely been able to help a lot of my clients say, hey, you know what, this is important, but this is much more important.”

Jeff, the inspector, also talked about potential kickbacks and perks of a home inspection. He said, “It depends on who fixes an issue. There might get a credit back at closing, to have something repaired for you before you move in [your home].” So, sometimes you can save money on repairs if you know what to ask for.

The housing market is always changing in Indy, but it’s really clear that having a good home inspection is super important. It can help you make smart choices and protects your money when buying a home.