Indy Dog Whisperer: Becoming the best dog parent you can be, tips for parenting your pooch in a Canine Way

Parenting a dog take much different techniques than parenting a child. Nathan Lowe, the Indy Dog Whisperer, joined us today to explain some of those differences and teach dog owners to be the best pet parent possible.

1. Rules before relationship 

  • Canine parents set boundaries early by growling and snapping
  • Dogs almost always determine rank among themselves before socializing
  • Form a relationship with your dog under your leadership (establish authority FIRST!)

2.  Vigilant Protection

  • Don’t put your dog in scenarios where they feel the need to be self-defensive
  • Step in if your dog feels threatened

3.  Social bonding

  • Have nap times together 
  • Explore as a group
  • Play in a focused way

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