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January is Window Month at Unique Home Solutions.

January is Window month at Unique Home Solutions and they have tips on how to select the right window style for your home.

Unique Home Solutions can help you find the right window style for your home.

The way that the windows look from the outside is important.”  — Patrick Murphy, Unique Home Solutions

Its all about beauty and comfort!

We normally talk about mechanical features and options; and how those qualities effect energy savings and longevity of performance. Today we are going to discuss the esthetic and comfort value of windows-via their operational and style design, along with noise control and climate stability attributes.

Windows play a big role in determining how your house will look and feel. They let you see the world outside and they let the outside world see a little bit of you. They are the eyes of the house. They are carefully designed holes in the wall, gaps in your shelter, that promote an interaction between inside and out.

The way the window opens/ or doesn’t open, along with its shape-is referred to as the the window style.

For example

There are (8) basic styles to choose from. Some styles may also be combined.

  • Double-Hung is the classic residential window in our country, Sashes often tilt in for easy cleaning. Hard to weatherstrip. Open sashes cover half the window, blocking airflow. Screens mount on the exterior..
  • Casement   A casement window hinges along one side and swings outward using a crank mechanism. The tight seal that is formed when a casement window is closed makes casements the most energy efficient windows on the market.
  • Garden Windows Popular for kitchens, garden windows add light and space while projecting outward and opening at the sides for ventilation.
  • Awning Windows Awning windows open outward to receive breezes from any direction and are often used above or next to stationary windows to provide ventilation. They can also be placed high on a wall to let light and fresh air into the room while still providing privacy. Awning windows are great for places where you’d like to keep the window open in light rain.
  • Slider
  • Single-hung
  • Picture
  • Bay/Bow

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