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Mother’s Day gifts from Mass Ave

Look no further than the stores along Mass Ave for thoughtful gifts for Mother’s Day. Plus, Mass Ave gets in gear for the Indy 500 with its annual Tire Sculpture display contest, the Tour de Tire

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and what better place to find a unique, locally sourced gift idea for mom than along Mass Ave.

I always encourage people to start and one end and go all the way to the other end…make it an experience.” Laura Walters, Mass Ave Merchants Association

For example:

For the new mom, try a fashionable teething necklace.

Great hand-made bracelets

For a mom that quilts, a packet of selected quilt fabric

Or a Homespun bag.

All the fun of May in Indianapolis hits Mass Ave! Several popular businesses along the Cultural District are hard at work building their sculptures for the 13th Annual Tour de Tire outdoor art event. Businesses compete each year for the best artwork award. Storefronts are elaborately decorated utilizing used Indy Car tires and bicycle tires; turning them into creative works of art in honor of Indy’s prominent and growing bicycle community, the Indy 500 and all the other exciting events happening throughout the month of May.

The tire artwork will be placed on display Friday May 1 and will be exhibited throughout the month of May. This year, the official judges of the tire art will be from the Center for Inquiry, IPS School #2 Art Club. Fans of Mass Ave are also encouraged to cast their vote for their favorite (People’s Choice Award) using the Mass Ave social media. Visit the avenue Friday May 1 through Sunday May 3 and tag #MassAveIndy, and #TourdeTire2015. Also include the favorite tire-artist’s name or business where the sculpture is located.

A winner will be announced during the month of May and a featured article, along with a picture of the winning sculpture will be showcased in NUVO Newsweekly.

The annual Tour de Tire began in 2002 as a way to attract Indy 500 visitors to Mass Ave. The program is sponsored by the Mass Ave Merchants Association (MAMA). It has become a favorite tradition among Mass Ave businesses, Mass Ave Shoppers and visitors to the city.  MAMA (Mass Ave Merchants Association) businesses are the local shopping, music, theater, art, food, toys, beauty, wine and chocolate on Massachusetts Avenue. For what makes Mass Ave.45 degrees from ordinary, or for more information, visit, or