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Produce Moms: How to make grape salsa and salad

Must-try salads and salsa for the New Year

CEO Lori Taylor from “The Produce Moms,” joined us this morning to share New Year’s must-try salads and salsa.

First, she showed us how to make Ambrosia Salad, made with whipping cream (recipe at

Taylor also revealed the secrets to the best green salad, found at

Keep an eye on The Produce Moms’ Instagram on Thursday at 7 a.m. for the unveiling of the Grape Salsa ( for a burst of flavor.

The second segment focuses on immunity-boosting foods, featuring a Cranberry Citrus Smoothie (, Mandarin + Pomegranate Overnight Oats (, and the whimsical Lion Animal Oatmeal (

Lori Taylor finished with a tutorial on mastering the art of opening a pomegranate, shared at

Get ready to enjoy the health and freshness of The Produce Moms’ flavorful offerings!