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Randy learns about a new “weather system gadget” with The Gadget Guy

Welcome, Randy– your first Indy Style guest for you to interview? The Gadget Guy’s David Novak! It’s a good thing there’s a weather gadget in here for you!

  1. Atomi Smart Tabletop Heater
    During these chilly times, it’s always great to have a reliable gadget that can keep your rooms nice and warm. The Atomi Tabletop Smart Heater gives you and the woman in your life a smart and safe way of keeping your rooms (including your love nest) nice and warm. This portable Wi-Fi-enabled 1500-Watt smart electric tabletop heater can be controlled either by using its built-in Digital Touch Screen, right from your phone by using the Atomi Smart App, or ultimately, by using simple Voice Commands with Amazon Alexa or Google Home. This powerful, yet whisper-quiet smart heater also includes some safety features like Overheat Protection and an Auto-Off Tip Over Safety Switch (with phone notifications). Lastly, it’s compact design, Cool Touch Housing, and built-in handle ensure that transporting the unit is easy and safe. video:
  2. Ricoh Theta SC2
    If you’re looking for the perfect Valentines Gift for the woman in your life who’s crazy about photography, then look no further. The Ricoh Theta SC2 is a Bluetooth-Enabled 360-Degrees 4K Video Camera that packs a ton of cool features. There’s a Night View Mode with Noise Reduction, a Face Mode that detects people and automatically centers them on the image, and Dual Lens Exposure, which is a Preset Mode that independently controls the AE (Auto-Exposure) and AWB (Auto White Balance) for its front and rear lenses in scenes with extreme differences in contrast. The camera features a very simple interface, coming with a release button and a built-in OLED display at the front, while on its side there’s the Power, Wi-Fi, Mode Selection and Self-Timer buttons. Lastly, when shooting circumstances are appropriate, users can connect the Theta SC2 Camera to their Smartphone for shooting separately via a Bluetooth connection, which brings them a live view display and high-speed image transfers directly to their Smartphone. video:
    Nowadays, the weather is not as stable as it used to be, but you still want to stay at a constant temperature so that you can feel comfortable throughout the day. With that said, instead of going for the classic bouquet of roses, skip the card this year and pamper her with something special like the POLAR SEAL GEMM. This compact and ultra-portable Wearable Cooling and Heating Device utilizes a unique thermoelectric technology that’s powered by gold plated magnetic connectors to deliver you an instant cooling or heating feeling at the touch of a button. Featuring 3 different Cooling or Heating Power Levels that are displayed by built-in LEDs that light up in different colors, users can easily adjust the GEMM’s cooling and heating functionalities to their preferences. Lastly, its built-in Lithium-Ion battery can get up to 7 hours of battery life. video:
  4. AtlasBIOvib Neck Massager
    One of the best ways of showing the lady in your life that you love her with all your heart is for you to help her take better care of her health. The AtlasBIOvib Neck Massager is a unique handheld battery-powered neck massager that’s designed to relieve the short muscles in your neck, which are directly related to many common daily health issues like headaches, migraines, neck pain, back pain, knee pain, dizziness, brain fog, and even fibromyalgia. While there’s really no way for us to relieve our neck muscles on our own, the AtlasBIOvib gives you the perfect way to do that. Its ergonomic design ensures a comfortable use, while its simple interface allows you to easily turn it on, press it against the upper part of your neck, and quickly get your neck muscles relaxed by loosening them up. It’s the perfect health gadget for those sitting during quarantine. video:
  5. eufy RoboVac G30 Vacuum Cleaner & eufy HomeVac S11 Infinity
    $319.99 / $299.99
    It’s safe to say that house chores are a time-consuming and energy-draining process that can leave even the most energetic person completely exhausted after a full house cleaning. During this Valentine’s Day, show the woman in your life just how much you love her by gifting her a eufy RoboVac G30. This smart robotic vacuum cleaner can bring a worry-free house cleaning method to your couple life. Featuring Smart Dynamic Navigation 2.0 Technology, this robotic vacuum cleaner can deliver an accurate route planning with a calculated methodical movement, thus achieving a greater coverage for its cleaning area(s) to get you perfectly cleaned floors. The RoboVac G30 features a sleek design, moves quickly at 10.2 in/s, can offer you a Maximum Suction Power of 1500 Pa while still operating at a quiet level, and can run for up to 100 minutes on a single charge thanks to its powerful 2600mAh Lithium-Ion Battery. Lastly, you can configure different Cleaning Modes like Auto, Spot, Edge, or even Single Room. video:

Following the same house-cleaning theme, we also have the eufy HomeVac S11 Infinity. Unlike the traditional bulky vacuum cleaners, this ultra-lightweight Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner offers you an effortless handling, as its sleek design allows you to maneuver it into corners and around your furniture with ease. Featuring a Suction Power of 120AW / 20kpa that’s powered by its internal 2500mAh rechargeable battery and a versatile Motorized Roller Brush Cleaner Head with a built-in LED headlight, this cordless stick vacuum cleaner can do it all, starting from a deep carpet cleaning all the way to a simple method of cleaning your hard floors without leaving a single scratch on them. You also get tons of swappable attachments that can be used to clean different surfaces. Lastly, since it comes with an additional swappable battery, you can use it for up to 80 minutes of battery life (40 mins for each battery) before having to recharge its battery packs. video:

  1. WeatherFlow Tempest Weather System
    Now, since Feb 5th is National Weatherperson’s (or Weatherman’s) Day, we would like to honor this memorable date and the several individuals in the fields of meteorology and weather forecasting that are associated with it by telling you about the WeatherFlow Tempest Weather System. This ingenious system gives you an easy way of forecasting the weather for the upcoming days. This meticulously designed weather system utilizes powerful machine learning, AI technology and state of the art modeling capabilities to provide you and your family with a super-precise local forecast that offers you really accurate information about upcoming weather conditions. Featuring a simple installation with no moving parts and working in a completely wireless fashion, this smart weather system can offer you instant online access to weather data via its free iOS or Android Apps. With it, you can protect your family and property from any unexpected weather conditions by simply having instant Smartphone alerts of upcoming heavy rain, unforeseen lightning, strong winds, and much more. video: