Spilling the Tea: Blackout Tuesday takes over social media, Kim and Kanye threaten ex-bodyguard with lawsuit, more

If you are on social media today, you’ll experience “BLACKOUT TUESDAY.”

Leaders and artists in the music industry are leading a day to disconnect from work and reconnect with community via an urgent step of action to provoke accountability and change.

People online are posting black squares to their social media along with the hashtags #BlackoutTuesday and #TheShowMustBePaused.

This is in an effort to show solidarity with the nationwide demonstrations against police brutality, raise awareness, spark discussion and spread information.

Rihanna, Quincy Jones and the Rolling Stones include just a few of the many celebrities who have shown support for the movement.

Country super star Carrie Underwood tried out the Tik Tok ghost hunting “reality ripple” filter while staying in her cabin with husband Mike Fisher.

The filter is creating a buzz on social media because it creates a spooky light trail when focused on objects.

Carrie tried it out and after a multi-colored cloud image kept appearing in a corner of the room, carrie belted out -who are you? What do you want?” she is now convinced the cabin is haunted!

The italian stallion is back for another round.

stallone narrates a new documentary on the original rocky movie titled “40
years of rocky: the birth of a classic.”

It’s a
blend of the directors  home movies, rehearsal and behind-the-scenes

who’s now 73, was a relatively unknown actor when he wrote the original
“rocky” screenplay and starred in the 19-76 film.

spawned seven sequels, including two “creed” movies.

documentary comes out digitally on i-tunes/appletv and amazon on june 9th.

Kim kardashian and kanye
west are going after a former bodyguard for talking smack about them. The
power couple have warned him if he opens his mouth again… He can expect a
multi-million dollar lawsuit.

The couple fired off a cease
and desist letter to kanye’s ex-bodyguard, steve stanulis, claiming he
made “false and defamatory” statements … While also breaching their
confidentiality agreement.

Steve revealed things like
he was always supposed to walk 10 paces behind the wests for example and they
are not having it.