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‘Wild Cards’ premieres on The CW

Wild Cards premiers on The CW

WILD CARDS is a crime-solving comedy that teams up Cole Ellis, a demoted detective played by Giacomo Gianniotti, and Max Mitchell, a clever con woman played by Vanessa Morgan.

Cole is reluctantly stationed on the maritime unit, and Max, a skilled scam artist, joins forces after Max helps Cole solve a crime while in police custody.

To redeem themselves, they must work together, utilizing Cole’s police work and Max’s flair for disguises and schemes.

Created by Michael Konyves, the show offers a mix of crime-solving and humor, exploring the unlikely partnership between the two characters.

Produced by Blink49 Studios, Front Street Pictures, and Piller/Segan for The CW and CBC in Canada, with international distribution by FIFTH SEASON.

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