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Racing fanatic shares love of sport through art

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH)– Alex Wakefield is a big racing fan.

“My god, the turbo eight cylinders they had on them back then. Honda, Ford, it was just outstanding, and I couldn’t believe the sound and how fast they were going,” Wakefield said.

He can paint quite the picture describing his love for the sport.

“I like the speed, I like the diversity of the cars, like I said. The road courses, the shorter ovals, those are interesting too because you get into lap traffic and you’re trying to keep this guy in front of you, but then this lap car sets a pick, and then Michael Andretti goes around the outside and this type of thing,” Wakefield said.

He can also paint quite the picture using a brush.

“I never put down the crayons, nobody told me no and I kept doing it. I was drawing what I was interested in as a kid and racing was one of those things I was interested in,” Wakefield said.

His art focuses on all things motor racing. He says the parallels between art and racing are evident.

“It’s a colorful sport, whether it’s the colors and designs of literally the cars or the paint schemes, if you look at an old Benetton from the mid 80’s it had a lot of green, but then it had all these paint splotches all over them,” Wakefield said.

His newest project called “The Collection”, focuses on some of the easiest ways to identify drivers and their helmets.

“I should say it’s kind of a cocreation here because it’s Troy Lee doing the designs of the helmet and it’s Scott Dixon and Dario Franchitti, this is what I want, those guys are having those conversations. I love these guys, I love what they’re doing, how can I do my own take on it,” Wakefield said.

Wakefield’s reason for his love for racing is actually the same reason he loves art.

“Everybody has their own perspective on it and what makes it exciting for them. Some people want red flames on an NHRA, car which is super rad, and other others want these fine lines that are Penske perfect, and both are valid, they’re just different,” he said.