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Artist Thomas Kneeland visits ‘All Indiana’

Artist Thomas Kneeland visited “All Indiana” on Thursday to share his works.

His website says, “Thomas Kneeland is an English Language Arts teacher at The Excel Center, University Heights in Indianapolis, Indiana. Kneeland is also a professional speaker, Spoken Word Poet, workshop facilitator, and nonprofit executive. He is the author of five poetry collections: “Shades of Gold” (2018), “Uncaged” (2019), “Stop F*cking Killing Us,” 1st and 2nd Editions (2021), and “Guardian” (2022). He holds a Master of Arts in Ministry — with a Worship Art Specialization — from Wesley Seminary at Indiana Wesleyan University and is an MFA Candidate at Butler University.”

Social media

  • Facebook: Thomas Kneeland
  • Twitter: @ThomasKneeland
  • Instagram: @thomaskneelandofficial
  • YouTube: @thomaskneelandpoetry