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Caitlin Clark’s potential Nike deal; Netflix ‘s strategic gains—Is this Anything?

Is this Anything? Caitlin Clark; Netflix

Today on WIBC’s “Is This Anything,” Hammer and Nigel will delve into two trending stories.

Caitlin Clark’s Potential Nike Deal

Caitlin Clark is poised to significantly boost her endorsement portfolio. According to a report by ‘The Athletic’, she is on the verge of securing a deal with Nike valued at over $20 million, which includes plans for a ‘signature shoe’. Clark’s previous contract with Nike concluded at the end of the college basketball season, placing her in a prime position in the market due to her soaring popularity. Highly sought after in recent months, Clark was anticipated to secure one of the most lucrative sneaker contracts in WNBA history, with additional endorsements from major brands like Gatorade, State Farm, and Panini.

Netflix’s Strategic Gains

Netflix has seen substantial growth following some bold strategies implemented last year. The streaming giant enforced stricter controls on password sharing, compelling users to set up individual accounts. This change contributed to a significant increase in subscribers, with Netflix adding over nine million new subscribers in the first quarter of this year alone. This surge has elevated Netflix to an all-time high of nearly 270,000 subscribers. Furthermore, Netflix announced on Thursday that it will cease the publication of its quarterly subscriber figures starting next year.

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