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Circle City Donut Dash Returns to Indianapolis

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The Circle City Donut Dash is returning to Indianapolis this Saturday.

The Donut Dash is a 5K marathon that makes runners to midway through the race, eat a dozen donut holes, and continue running after they’re done.

The race will benefit Teacher’s Treasure, a charity that obtains and distributes supplies to teachers in Marion County for free.

“We serve over 8000 teachers and eligible staff members,” says Hanna Yaegar-Busch, Director of Community engagement with Teacher’s Treasures. “We work with really great partners like American College of Education to really provide a resource center that teachers can come in. There’s no dollar limit, really to the materials they can take. And they’re just filling up parts, taking it back to their schools. It’s stem materials, books, paper pencils, everything that teachers in 2023 need to have a successful classroom.”

For more information on the Circle City Donut Dash, Click this link.