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Cody’s journey to a new smile: The final review

For the past few days, we have followed Cody’s journey to improve his smile through cosmetic dentistry. Today is the big day, the day when Dr. Ratliff will fit Cody with his permanent crowns. Cody’s main goal is to be able to smile freely without hiding his teeth, and this final stage will determine whether he achieves that goal.

Cody expressed his gratitude towards Dr. Ratliff for guiding him through every step of the process, easing any nerves or concerns he had. Dr. Ratliff explained that his job is to encourage and help his patients enhance their smiles to make them excited, as a smile is the first thing that people see and is a reflection of oneself. He finds joy in seeing his patients happy with their new smiles.

Cody removed his mask to reveal his new smile, and the results are astounding. His new teeth look real and natural, and his coworkers are amazed. Cody can’t stop smiling, and his newfound confidence is evident. Dr. Ratliff explained that the cost for a crown ranges from $800 to $1200, an investment in oneself that is priceless.

Dr. Ratliff’s goal is to take great care of his patients and help enhance their smiles.

Overall, Cody’s journey to a new smile has been a success, thanks to Dr. Ratliff’s expertise and dedication. Cody can now smile freely without any inhibitions, and his newfound confidence will undoubtedly have a positive impact on his life. Investing in oneself is priceless, and Cody’s new smile is a testament to that.