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Cody’s smile transformation

Cody Adams, WISH-TV’s All Indiana host, has always had crooked teeth and decided to upgrade his look on air with the help of cosmetic dentistry. He went to Dr. Kyle Ratliff at Transformative Family Dentistry to put his trust, career, and teeth in his capable hands.

Adams said he’s always been good at hiding his teeth and has trained himself either consciously or subconsciously over the years to hide them, especially in tight shots for the show.

He has two front teeth that overlap and are crooked on the bottom, and the rest of his teeth are just there. He also said that there are times when he’s felt like he doesn’t belong in certain situations, like on camera with his co-host Alexis, who has phenomenal teeth.

Adams said that he wants to be his best self, his absolute best self, and if getting his teeth fixed allows him to shine a little brighter, then he’s all for it. He hopes that once he has his new smile, he can genuinely smile, like when someone says “say cheese,” he can actually say the word cheese and show his teeth, and not just do the “mouth-closed thing.”

He went to Dr. Kyle Ratliff and had a quick scan to give a 3D image and some pictures of his mouth to see what they could do. After evaluating his case, Dr. Ratliff suggested crowns as the better option. To ensure Cody’s comfort, Dr. Ratliff used nitrous, also known as laughing gas, to make him feel calm and relaxed. After taking impressions and numbing the tissues and tooth, Dr. Ratliff shaved down Cody’s teeth and temporarily covered them up with false teeth that looked like his current teeth.

Adams said that he sweat more in the dentist’s chair than he did at the gym. Dr. Ratliff held Cody’s hand through the whole process, and there was minimal pain.

Adams said the pain has been minimal, and they were fantastic from beginning to end. Cody’s confidence in his smile has increased, something he hasn’t had in 30-plus years. Adams is excited to show off his new smile on air and in pictures.