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Frida’s Flowers brings summer look inside ‘The Stutz’

New floral destination inside ‘The Stutz’

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH)- This history of Frida Kahlo runs deep in the Latina community.

That rich history is what led Madeline Mirelez-MacKinnon to name her company Frida’s Flowers.

Kahlo used a lot of floral designs in her artwork and Miralez-MacKinnon wanted to honor her in that way.

Her journey into ancestral connection and embracing her Xicana roots fully has emerged into a desire to invite everyone around her more fully into their own stories.

Her breathtaking intentionality behind the making of Frida’s shines through in naming each bouquet, connecting personally with her clients’ lives and stories, and trailblazing a more modern, funky floral industry that evokes curiosity.

She is merging creative activism and bold artistry into one through Frida’s Flowers.

In doing so, she says she is connecting with her own Mexicana ancestors.

Miralez-MacKinnon stopped by ALL INDIANA to discuss her business and what she hopes is next.

Frida’s is debuting in The Stutz building thanks to an initiative by PATTERN magazine that’s creating physical spaces for creatives in Indy.