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Reel Tok with Kayla features comedian Brad Upton

Reel Tok with Kayla: Brad Upton has been doing comedy professionally for 36 years. However, it wasn’t until he shared his standup routines on social media that he ended up gaining world recognition. His video about millennials has nearly 90 million views, he has two specials and over 200 million total views on Dry Bar Comedy.

His TikTok and Instagram videos also help him sell out comedy shows.

On WISH-TV’s All Indiana, Kayla Sullivan featured his routine about how messy your kids are in the car. He jokes this was how trail mix was invented.

Sullivan interviewed Upton about his career and how he comes up with parenting content.

“It’s just the kids growing up and the things that you go through in life,” explained Upton. “You think about the funny part and try it on stage. Pretty soon you’re getting big laughs and you go, this works!”

She asked if his kids like the jokes about them.

“They do but a lot of it isn’t even true about them and they’re like, come on dad really?” said Upton. “And I say it’s just a joke and they’re like, you did pay for college so I’ll let you slide on that one.”

Brad Upton will be performing at the Helium in Indianapolis on March 15, 2023. Click here to buy tickets.

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