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Taking up space and having a seat at the table

Founder of A Seat At The Table, Jordan Coleman, sits down with Alexis today to discuss the cohort’s mission to help minority women overcome barriers that limit access to leadership.

A Seat At The Table helps minority women overcome barriers that limit access to leadership roles within corporations, government entities, entrepreneurship, and the community.

Through this initiative, organizers work to create a change in communities and businesses.

Founder and CEO Jordan Coleman joined All Indiana on Monday to discuss the Seat At The Table Organization and how it uplifts women of color.

“We shatter the glass ceiling for women of color. So we work in a space to ensure that women have access to leadership roles and really a seat at the table to be able to leverage that change,” Coleman said.

This year’s event Sisterhood at the Conservatory set to honor and acknowledge women of color who are making contributions, breaking barriers, and creating positive change in Indy.

Sisterhood at the Conservatory will take place Aug. 27 at The Conservatory at Evergreen, 8140 W. 34th Street.