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Are vacations with kids really vacations?

Kid-ing with Kayla — Some parents don’t consider going on trips with your kids vacations. That’s because traditionally, a vacation is a chance to relax and get away from the stresses of every day life. When you’re on vacation with kids, you still have to parent them. Sometimes, a new location doubles the workload for parents. For example, the anxiety a trip to a lake with young children can bring parents. Kayla Sullivan posted a viral video on this topic from the lake.



Many parents commented to agree with this parenting reality check.

TikTok user Danya said, “I call it a memory making trip….not vacation…helps manage my expectations.” and another commenter named Kat said, “Pro tip: When you get home from vacation, load the washing machine, kiss your family goodbye and go check into a hotel by yourself for a night or two.”

Kayla suggests planning ahead to get a moment alone on vacation. Some vacations like cruises offer child camps for children to get that break for parents or you can bring a babysitter along. At the very least, assign a family member to take the kids so you can get some scheduled “you time” on your get away.

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