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Monday’s business headlines

Monday’s business headlines

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Take a look at Monday’s business headlines with Jane King.

Artificial intelligence is changing day-to-day life

Have you ever considered asking an artificial intelligence-powered assistant like Google’s Gemini or Microsoft’s Copilot for help allocating your retirement portfolio? If so, you wouldn’t be the first. You may already be using AI to allocate your retirement savings without knowing it.

AI is seemingly everywhere these days. It’s being used in health care.

Fetch AI is using artificial intelligence to wire “Smart cities”. The AI can tell people where parking spots are, if garbage pick-up is efficient enough, and can control stop lights so there’s no needless sitting at a red light when there are no other cars around.

Performance golf is using AI to help people perfect their golf swings.

It’s already big in travel, in fact, travel is one of the top five categories of paid search advertising, according to Morgan Stanley.

Google has a travel tool that will draw on all of the company’s data on flights, hotels, local attractions, and weather to map out itineraries.

Expedia has an AI tool called Romie that plans trips and can pop into group text chats with updates on flight changes.

AI is being used in advertising. Some fashion companies are asking it to create photos that previously weren’t even possible, slashing travel budgets and model salaries.

However, the shortcuts of AI can reduce the brain power we use.

Schools are still trying to figure out how and if to allow AI. Others complain about its racial and gender bias.

While there is debate about how to move forward, there is no question that AI will continue to play a big role in how we lead our daily lives.

This story was created using a script that aired on WISH-TV.