Monday’s business headlines

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Here’s a look at Monday’s business headlines.


Boeing is developing a hand-held wand that emits ultraviolet light to neutralize bacteria and viruses, a part of a suite of methods to disinfect deck surfaces and controls, as well as surfaces throughout the cabin.

Concerns by airline workers and passengers about the spread of COVID-19 has fueled a rush by companies to roll out new technology for aircraft sanitization.

The wand would eliminate the need for using alcohol or other disinfectants that could damage sensitive electronic equipment.

Cash at home

Personal finance experts say it’s always a good idea to keep some cash at home, especially during a time of panic.

Having some cash means you can cover daily expenses no matter what.

How much should you keep at home?

Financial advisors recommend two weeks of living expenses.

Google degree

Google is launching a professional certification program allowing people to earn the equivalent of a four-year degree in six months.

The certificates are in data analytics, project manages and U-X designer, U-X stands for user experience.

The goal is to help Americans learn digital job skills so they can get back to work now and not four years from now.


TikTok says it will sue the Trump administration over app ban.

TikTok’s Chinese parent company expects to sue the administration this coming week.

The White House wants to shut down TikTok in the U.S. or have it bought by a U.S.-based company because it think its collecting data on users and sending it back to China.


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