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Tuesday business headlines

Tuesday’s business headlines

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Here is a look at Tuesday’s business headlines with Jane King.

Study: Weight loss drug patients regain pounds

A new study shows that patients gain most of their weight back after stopping new weight loss drugs.

The study, published in the American Medical Association Journal, suggests that patients will need to stay on the drugs for life.

Cost can be a disincentive, Lilly’s Zepbound costs $1,059.87 monthly. Insurance companies often do not cover weight loss medications.

Regulators warn Wells Fargo about mortgage disparities

Wells Fargo received an official notice from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau on problems with its use of mortgage rate discounts.

In their industry review, regulators found “statistically significant disparities” in the rates which black and female borrowers got pricing exceptions compared with other customers.

Near-record travel expected for Holiday week

The number of Americans traveling during the year-end holiday travel period this year will reach the second-highest level in more than two decades, according to AAA.

The organization predicted on Monday that 115.2 million people will take trips at least 50 miles away from where they live during the period from Dec. 23 to New Years.

That is a 2.2% increase over the prior year and the second-highest number since AAA started tracking holiday in 2000.

Pets cost average of $4,800 per year

The average pet parent spends about $4,800 yearly on their furry friends, according to new research.

This year, pet parents spent about $633 on food for their pets, but even more on treats. Conducted by OnePoll, for MetLife pet insurance, the survey found that while half of pet parents said they tried to budget how much they spent on their pet this year but usually went over it.

Gen Z already worried about looking older

The oldest among Gen-Z are only around 26, but they’re already anxious about looking older.

CNN reports they are opting for prevention and increasingly buying anti-aging cosmetic products. Experts blame social media where faces are front and center.

Recently there was a TikTok titled “Things I do to slow the aging process as a 14 year old.”