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Caught on camera: Dog stolen from Kokomo family’s yard

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — A Kokomo family says their brand new puppy was stolen from their front yard.

They say the theft was caught on a neighbor’s surveillance camera.

Initially, the family thought their 4-month-old puppy had gotten under the fence and escaped, but the video shows something else.

Video shows the beagle mix named Heidi run up to two people as they walked by. You can see one of them reach over the fence, lift the dog, then leave with her.

The dogs’s owner, Carrie Luckey, said she was shocked when a neighbor showed her the video. Heidi was her daughter’s dog.

She’s been missing two weeks now. She said the kids are heartbroken.

“We went looking for the dog the other day over the weekend and they’re like ‘Heidi,’ they’re actually hollering for the dog themselves,” Luckey said.

Heidi was a gift and was supposed to help the kids as their other dog ages.

“We have an elderly dog. We don’t know how much longer that dog has left, so in return we got another puppy for them,” Luckey said.

But now that puppy is gone, and they can’t find her anywhere.

The family is hoping the person who took the beagle mix does the right thing and brings Heidi back to them.

“Just return it. That is all we want. The girls want their dog back … We are not going to prosecute, anything like that, we just want the dog back for the girls,” Luckey said.

According to the Kokomo Police Department, the family did not file a report.

Police are aware of this case and said they want remind people to file reports so they can follow up and investigate.

Meanwhile, the family is just hoping someone knows where their puppy is.