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Community Link: Project Alianza

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — On this week’s edition of Community Link, we spoke with Kristin Van Busum of Project Alianza. Kristin is working hard to improve the living conditions of those who are working hard to harvest our coffee. 

How and why did you get familiar with the coffee supply chain to begin with?

I first went down to Nicaragua, as it’s a big coffee growing country. I started becoming more passionate about this cause and learning more about the conditions of people who harvest our coffee.

Talk to us about Project Alianza.

We’re a non-profit organization and we build schools and provide educational programs for children growing up in coffee farms so they can have a chance at a better future.

So how did you get involved in the supply chain itself?

We found this really natural alignment because we’re working with children that grow up in coffee farms and we saw that we can tap into coffee roasters and coffee companies here in the United States.

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