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Study suggests fans of horror films fare better during pandemic

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – According to researchers at the University of Chicago, horror film fans are coping better during the pandemic than those who do not enjoy the genre.

Scientists assessed individuals who enjoyed scary movies and compared them to a group who a group who do not. They found four key themes they theorize make these movie fans better able to endure hardships in real life situations.

Horror films, authors say, provide a simulated experience of threatening and dangerous situations. As a result, this provides “people a chance to experience a sense of mastery over negative experiences.” This then leads to being prepared for danger and the unexpected. Preparation for such events helps alleviate psychological distress should a negative, unexpected real-life situation arise.

To top it off, these movie-goers are primed to focus on survival skills rather than the negativity associated with the events around.

However, researchers also say these fans may be drawn to more dangerous activities to begin with such as reckless driving, excessive drinking as well as other thrill seeking risks.

But in the end, authors conclude “those who enjoy the horror genre are more willing to take risks that may expose them to infection during the pandemic.”