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Counterfeit bills used at 78-year-old woman’s yard sale

PLAINFIELD, Ind. (WISH) — Watch out for fake $20 bills. That’s the message from law enforcement in central Indiana.

The warning comes after several counterfeit incidents were reported in a matter of weeks. Two police reports were filed about fake $20 bills in Marion County in one day alone.

The uptick comes less than a month after folks in Plainfield became victims.

“I hope they get caught, she knew what she was doing when she did this,” 78-year-old Clara Hodge said.

Hodge was hosting a yard sale when the suspects handed her a $20 bill to pay for an item that was just 25 cents.

“I handed her back $19.75,” the great grandmother said.

And Hodge wasn’t the only one; Rachel Hoskins of Plainfield was also swindled out of cash during a yard sale a few weeks back.

“It came up to like $5, and she gave me a 20, and I had several people asking me about things, I gave her three $5 bills for change,” Hodge explained. “You know, even living in a beautiful community like Plainfield, you just never know, you can’t be safe anymore.”

The fake $20’s are now sitting at the Plainfield Police Department.

“It’s pretty obvious it’s fake; it’s pretty obvious that it was made on a copy machine. Both bills had the same serial number,” Plainfield Police Department Captain Jill Lees said.

The bills were riddled in red marks, there was no stripe along the side and the coloring was off, according to police.

In both cases the suspects are described as young and white.

“So I’m going to be watching from now on, now that I know they give out fake money, I’m gonna be watching them.” Hodge said.

Police recommend not accepting large bills at yard sales. If you can, purchase a counterfeit pen.

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