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2 murder suspects had GPS monitors; FOP leader calls for review of their use

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The president of the largest police union in Indianapolis is demanding change after two people were accused of murder while on GPS monitors.

Rick Snyder, the Fraternal Order of Police leader, got passionate Wednesday when he talked about the cases. He said enough is enough. “We’re just sick and tired of the death and trauma, and seeing people dying needlessly and senselessly.”

Snyder says he wants corrective action and intervention.

“Our police officers know all too well that these families are hurting, feeling overwhelmed and without recourse given the nature of the events surrounding the deaths of their loved ones,” Snyder said.

Snyder highlighted these cases:

  • Marcus Garvin, 33, is accused of killing his girlfriend at a motel on East 21st Street where they were staying in late July.
  • Jahion Jarrett, 17, is accused of robbing and killing a 45-year-old Lyft driver in late July near a church.

Court documents say both men were wearing GPS devices.

“What’s the purpose of GPS monitoring if there are no restrictions on movements in lieu of custodial detention? Who is monitoring the GPS trackers and who determines when someone is in violation of the terms of the release?” Snyder asked.

Snyder also called on local and Indiana leaders to bring together an immediate review of low- or no-bond pretrial release of violent offenders, and a review of the structure and agreements for GPS and electronic monitoring, in which private vendors are involved. He also met with the leaders of the Indiana Senate and House of Representatives on Wednesday.

“I’m hopeful that they’ll be able to tell us some ideas that they have to engage in this process and be able to make some changes. Also, my hope is at some stage, (they will) provide some oversight.”

State Sen. Jack Sandlin, a Republican from Indianapolis, said Wednesday after Snyder’s news conference, “I think he has some valid points, some valid questions. Since the end of the legislative session, when we went into recess, I’ve been pursuing information to try to get clarification on a number of the issues quite frankly that he’s talking about.”

Snyder also called on local and Indiana leaders to do a few other things, including:

  • A review of both the management of pretrial release supervision by the Marion County courts.
  • A review of the management of post-conviction release supervision in the Marion County Community Corrections program.
  • A review of what he called “sweetheart” plea deals given by local prosecutors and agreed to by local judges, providing little to no accountability for post-conviction release of violent offenders.

Watch the entire news conference below. App users can go online to see it.