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Kegan Kline will not withdraw guilty plea

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Kegan Kline, the child porn suspect who ran a fake social media account State Police connected to the Delphi murders, will not withdraw his guilty plea.

Online court documents say that Kline on Wednesday submitted a notice of intent to not withdraw his guilty plea for the 25 felony charges against him.

Kline was arrested in 2020 for suspected child porn charges. He later admitted to using a fake profile “anthony_shots” to acquire almost 100 sexually explicit images and videos from young girls from 2016 to 2017.

The “anthony_shots” profile was also used to contact Libby German the day before her murder. Libby German and Abby Williams were the girls found murdered near Deer Creek outside of Delphi, Indiana in 2017. Kline has not been charged in that case and has not been publicly named a suspect.

After many hearing reschedules, Kline pled guilty to all charges on March 30. The charges included child solicitation, possession of child pornography, and obstruction of justice.

On May 18, during a previous sentencing hearing, Kline requested the judge delay his sentencing, as he may want to withdraw his guilty plea. Kline claimed that he “didn’t have time to review all the evidence.”

Kline recently told hosts of the podcast, “The Murder Sheet,” that evidence indicating that someone else accessed the “anthony_shots” profile to contact Libby German the day before the murders made him reconsider. In that interview, Kline pointed blame at his father for accessing the account.

Kline alleged to “The Murder Sheet” that he had not seen all the evidence in his case until the day before the May 18 sentencing hearing. He also claimed not seeing the evidence was why he requested his former attorney Andrew Achey to no longer represent him.

Achey later said that he was unaware that Kline hadn’t seen all of the evidence and it surprised him. Two new attorneys were assigned to Kline on May 23.

Despite Kline’s reconsideration, the guilty plea still stands.

Kline’s sentencing hearing is set for July 27. Prosecutors have asked that he get as much time in prison as possible.

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