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IPS breaks ground on renovations at George Washington Carver School 87

IPS breaks ground on renovations at George Washington Carver School 87

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — On Tuesday morning, Indianapolis Public Schools began renovations at George Washington Carver School 87 with a groundbreaking ceremony.

This marked the second phase of upgrades set to take place across multiple IPS facilities this spring, thanks to the Rebuilding Stronger Capital Referendum.

IPS Superintendent Aleesia Johnson says the renovations are a perfect way to show their IPS family how much they matter.

“We tell our students and staff all the time how much they matter. Now, because of the generous support from Indy voters, we get to show them, too,” Johnson said in a news release.

In May 2023, voters approved the Rebuilding Stronger Capital Referendum, allocating $410 million to enhance 23 IPS schools, including School 87.

These funds will facilitate the creation of new classrooms, athletic fields, performing and visual arts spaces, a family resource center, upgraded HVAC and plumbing systems, and more. The goal is to cultivate safe, inviting environments where every student can explore their interests.

School 87 Principal Mary Kapcoe says many of the teachers and staff find excitement in being able to provide resources for their incredibly diverse population.

“Being on the west side of Indianapolis, School 87 has a growing population of students who are learning English as a new language, and our teachers and staff are very proud of the support we provide to our kids,” Kapcoe said in a news release.

Renovations for School 87 will include arts and music classrooms for all grades, expansion of general classroom spaces, new office areas for support staff, and enhancement of building security.

Work will start in the spring and continue through 2026. Despite renovations, the school will operate as usual during the 2024–25 academic year.

“The physical condition of a school building says a lot about how much we value what happens within its walls,” Johnson said in a news release. “With the renovations beginning this spring at George Washington Carver School 87 and at many other schools, we’re keeping our promise to ensure every student and teacher in IPS will be in a building that is safe, warm, welcoming, and reflective of a love for learning.”