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Email scam targets Netflix customers

(WBAY/WFLA) – A cyber-security company is warning Netflix customers to beware of a scam targeting credit card and personal information.

FireEye Labs posted a story this week about a phishing scam.

FireEye blogger Mohammed Mohsin Dalla reports that the scam email asks costumers to update Netflix membership information. A link in the email directs people to a page that looks at lot like an official Netflix login page, but it is not.

The fake Netflix page then asks for the following information:

Name on credit card

Card Number

Card Expiration Date

Card Security Code

Social Security Number

After Netflix customers have provided their information on the fraudulent website, they are re-directed to the actual Netflix homepage.

The phishing email looks realistic and uses legitimate, but compromised, servers that can potentially putting your information in the hands of scammers.

Netflix has a section on its website about protecting yourself from phishing attempts.

The video streaming company said Netflix will never ask for personal information in an email-including payment information, social security number or account password, so be careful.

For more ways to protect yourself from internet scams, follow WFLA News Channel 8’s Lila Gross.