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‘The Flash’ season premiere has connection with comic book series

INDIANAPOLIS Ind. (WISH) – Tuesday evening on WISH TV it’s the season premiere of The Flash. Episode one is titled “Flashpoint” and what experts say is there’s a connection between the TV shows here on WISH and the comic book series.

Fans of the show will see a much different flash AKA Barry Allen. That’s because everything has changed since he went back in time. In the episode airing Tuesday night, Barry Allen goes back in time and saves his mother from being killed by a major villain known as the Reverse Flash. His mother’s death has shaped the show up to this point.

As the new season begins with his mother alive, the comic book universe “Flashpoint” changed not only the universe the Flash was living in, but also other DC characters like Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. Comic book experts suspect that the same will happen on the CW network shows, with the Arrow, Supergirl and Legends of DC Universe crossing over to each other.

Dale Kinney, an avid comic reader and employee of the Hero House in Fountain Square, said the episode will change everything.

“We find out in Flashpoint that Barry is trying to do something, he wants his mother alive and he went back in time and did that,” said Kinney. “The universe is totally different and there’s a lot wrong with it. Now if it’s anything like the comic book, he’s going to try to fix everything which is going to be a big job because time travel isn’t something you want to mess with.”

Also another quick spoiler is in the comics, Barry and Iris are married and are known as one of the longest lasting relationships in the series.

The show has also been good for business as well. Kinney said the Hero house has seen more new customers asking about Arrow, The Flash and Supergirl.

If you feel so inclined to catch up on the comic book series they have what’s called “trade papers” where it’s a set of comics in one book for quick catch up.