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From Aeration to Over-seeding, Tips to a Greener Lawn

Want a plush, green lawn? While we can’t control the rain, there are a few things we can do RIGHT NOW, to ensure our lawns are ready for next spring!

Matt Green, Green’s Landscaping, shares the importance of aeration and overseeding.

Why do we aerate:

  • Lawn is too thin
  • Lawn has bare spots
  • Lawn is stressed, due to a bad grass type for the area

What is the benefit of aerating a lawn:

  • Allows oxygen, nutrients, and water to more easily penetrate the subsurface where roots grow
    • Growing healthy, lush, green grass is ALL about the roots!
  • This allows deeper more complex root structures
    • Deeper roots allow for better uptake of water and nutrients for the grass.  This is especially important for drought conditions
  • Alleviates compaction
    • What causes compaction?
      • Playing in the grass (walking/running/etc.)
      • Lawn mowers
      • Natural settlement
    • Loose soil allows roots to grow more freely and deep
  • Better seed to soil contact!

Why overseed after each aeration?

  • Seed to soil contact.  We want the seed to fall in the holes we just created.
  • Make lawn thicker
    • Thicker lawns have less weed growth
    • Especially important for HOA’s!  Some have rules against weeds in their lawn.

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