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Gen Con 2015 comes to an end

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – The fun is now over for the tens of thousands of people who came to Indianapolis to enjoy the event touted as ‘The Best Four Days in Gaming.’

Sunday was the final day for Gen Con 2015 and those who attended the event enjoyed it.

Thomas Yazell of Greenfield and his three children attended Gen Con for the first time. Yazell said, “Wow! A lot of people are in costumes. This is really neat.”

Among the many costumes seen, was an Indianapolis man dressed as the “Duct Tape Blacksmith”.  He said, “It’s amazing the amount of handcrafting people put into things.”

Also, Joshua Difiore of Indianapolis was dressed at “The Red Hood”. He said,  “You know what, it’s been a blast. I actually mixed up all of my photos that I had. I took like 86 by myself and I probably had a photo taken every two steps I walked.”

Earlier this year, Gen Con organizers said they had sold a record number of tickets for this year’s convention. This came months after organizers threatened to leave Indianapolis due to the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

In March, the CEO and owner of Gen Con sent a letter to Gov. Mike Pence asking him not to sign the bill into law. However, Pence signed it and Gen Con said it would reconsider signing a new contract with the city. It’s current contract ends in 2020.

Karyn Hobson of Monrovia said, “I’d be upset if they moved it because I tend to stay in the Indiana conventions, but if it’s a real and they need to move it because of that I can understand if they need to.”

Todd McMaMahon of Madison, WI said, “I think Gen Con did the right thing and stuck up for a lot of people.”

Difiore said, “I mean, honestly, I don’t think that they would have just because Indiana is the international one. This is where everybody from around the world comes in, but everybody has their own opinion so it’s whatever they feel is best.”

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