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Great Day TV: The Strongest Woman in the World is from Indy

Great Day TV: The Strongest Woman in the World is from Indy

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — On Daybreak Saturday, Patty Spitler stopped by to talk about the strongest woman in the world.

The Great Day TV host brought her guest who holds that title, Jessica Fithen.

Fithen, who is from Indianapolis, said she discovered the sport of “lifting heavy, odd objects” when she was searching for a gym where she could learn Olympic weightlifting.

“When I was trying to find a gym to sort of just get healthier and kind of stay active, the gym that I joined had an Amateur Strong Man competition going on and they said ‘Why don’t you try this out?’” said Fithen. “I got a couple of weeks to kind of learn how to do it, and I went and I blew the competition away on the very first try.”

Fithen said since beginning her journey in the sport, she’s received a lot of negative comments and reaction online.

“There’s a weird thing that goes on right now in the strength community especially with women,” said Fithen. “They (women) go and they put a video of their accomplishments on and a lot of people will try to leave them a lot of negative messages, usually about their body and the way they look.”

Fithen said she’s been working to combat the negativity through a campaign she started last year.

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